You Can Have ALL My Money

“Family killed by ninjas. Need money for karate lessons.” - Unknown

So here’s the story: My youngest daughter came home from school and said,” Mommy I want to take karate class like my friend Sydney.” So I’m all for this, it will teach her discipline and how to defend herself, etc.

“The problem is, we live in a society where all that interests us is power and money. So we don’t have any interest in our children, and what we leave for our children is not important.” Sebastiao Salgado

The next day at work I search the internet for classes (on my lunch break of course!) in our area. I find a class I book a lesson, she’s all set! I decided not to tell her about the class. My plan was to pick her up from school and surprise her by taking her to the lesson. I had this picture perfect scene in my head about how excited she would be and all the hugs and kisses I would get! Nope! None of that happened. We get to the class walk into the studio, she burst into tears and said I don’t want to do this! So, I’m like you said you wanted to learn karate just like Sydney! She refuses to do it so we leave. We get home I start doing laundry and cleaning. I take a basket of clothes upstairs to my room and I find this note & her money box on my bed! I’m in tears she’s so sweet! Now the class didn’t cost me any money but I didn’t tell her that, she just offered hers. I told her to keep her money and all I could feel was totally blessed. I kept thanking God for such a wonderful child. #teachkidsaboutmoney #money #singlemomlife #family

With Love & Respect,


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