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"We do not know who we are until we take time to discover who we can be. Hidden within us is unrealized potential. Hidden within us is a self we have yet to become. " -Edwin Mamerto

It's truly an honor to have my story selected by Voyage LA magazine in their "Hidden Gems" series! I started my business on hope and a prayer with no money! I started outlining my plan, putting things in place and took it one step at a time. I told my friends, posted to my social media and thought to myself, " Easy my first clients will be the people I know and they will help spread the word!" and then didn't happen that way and doubt started creeping in, I started making excuses and almost gave up.

Then God asked me, “How bad do you really want this?" I told God, “I want this really bad but I just don't have the support." Then God said, “I’m your support, you want it do the work." OK God, OK.

I started pushing myself daily to reach my maximum potential. The, “I’m tired, there’s no time, I’ll do that tomorrow excuses were let go. Whenever the thought of, I can’t do XYZ crept into my head I replaced I can’t with it’s not a priority to do XYZ today. That small change, changed a lot for me because when you tell yourself something that’s a priority is no longer a priority just because you want to watch TV or go to bed early makes you feel like crap! Everything my business entailed became a priority.

I’m not saying I’m at the finish line and everything is smooth sailing, that’s not it at all. I’m barely pass the starting line and this is by far one of the hardest things I’ve done so far. I would be lying if I told you I have it all figured out and it’s easy now. Every day is a coachable moment, learning moment and process for me. It’s really hard juggling it all and I’ve always thought of myself as being self-disciplined and patient but this process as elevated me to a whole new level of self-discipline and patience!

Ladies never let anyone tell you the market is saturated or your fear of what others think, say or do stop you. Never let haters, the lack of likes, comments, views or the lack of support from friends and family stop you from pursuing your goals. None of my clients have been friends, coworkers, family members etc. each and every client I’ve had were complete strangers that trusted and believed in me. Remember what God has for you will always be for you and nothing and no one can take that away. I had hope, a prayer, my mom and my kids pushing me forward and God’s support. And. So. Do. You.

Click here to view magazine story.

With much love & respect, Shay

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