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The Corona Life!

Updated: Apr 28

“Crisis either causes regress or progress depending on the will of the people.”

Abhijit Naskar

Because of COVID-19 I haven’t posted to my blog like I’m supposed to. You, see I’m an Emergency Manager and March 2020 hit me hard! I’ve been working nonstop almost daily in our Emergency Operations Center. Today I left the field and was sitting in my office and something said, “ What about your blog!?” So here I am typing away to get back on track. I guess I should share my experience dealing with COVID-19.

I live in California and as I’m typing this my state as 30,978 cases with 1,208 deaths. Both of my children are out of school. My oldest daughter is a senior in high school so as you can imagine this has put her in a whole mood. The reality of not having a high school graduation becomes more real as we get closer to May 2020. My youngest who is a homebody is adjusting to the “stay-at-home” orders better than I thought. She has organized (she actually wrote down this schedule and posted it to the family board) her days as follows:

· 5:30 am Wakeup

· Do a yoga YouTube video

· Eat Breakfast

· Do online classes

· Clean the house for mommy

· FaceTime with friends

· Watch Netflix

· 7:15pm Mommy should be home unless something happened at work

· Watch Hulu with mommy and eat dinner

· 9:30pm Bedtime

She literally does this daily! Sometimes taking a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru with her sister somewhere in the mix.

My oldest daughter has become a TikTok celebrity in the midst of all this. She went from 40k followers to 600k in the last 35 days! If you’d like to check her out on TikTok click link: @jordannoelleray. She’s also my errand runner because if she doesn’t get out of the house she will flip out! So I will occasionally order our groceries online and ask her to pick them up. Her day looks something like this:

· Wakeup (most likely in the middle of the afternoon unless she has a morning class)

· Do online classes

· Go to Dunkin Donuts to get ice coffee and maple donut (this is truly everyday)

· Do TikTok dance tutorials

· 7:15pm Mommy should be home but instead of spending time with mommy usually on the phone with a friend

· Watch Hulu with Mommy and sister. Eat dinner

· 1:30am or sometime in the early morning hours go to sleep.

My schedule hasn’t changed much I just have longer days now at work and work more days during the week. So before COVID-19 I worked 7am-6pm 4 days a week. Now I work 7am-7pm 6 days a week. I’m also on call 24/7 so I do get calls on my one day off and may have to go in depending on the emergency. I won’t go into detail what an Emergency Manager does because it’s many things. If you’ve ever seen the old movie Volcano the characters played by Tommy Lee Jones and Don Cheadle do my job. That should give you somewhat of an idea of what my day looks like. Before COVID-19, I was also a personal trainer and trained my clients after work and on Saturday’s, I ran this blog, had outings with friends and tried my hand at dating a few times as well. Of course I can no longer train clients in person so I’ve moved to online but haven’t had the time to actually make videos so Personal Training has come to a complete stop. My groundhog days look something like this:

· 5am wakeup

· Arrive to work sometime between 6:30am-7am depending on what’s happened in the County.

· 7am-7pm WORK!

· 7:15pm arrive home unless something went down right before my off time. If that happens I get home around 8:30pm. Strip off my uniform and place in hazmat bag before entering the house.

· Eat dinner watch Hulu with the kids

· 9:30pm go to bed

I’ve repeated this day in and day out. I will tell you it takes a toll on your mental health. I love the work that I do…it’s very exciting and fulfilling but this emergency is like none I’ve ever seen and feels like it will never come to an end. The 4th of July earthquake I was deployed to Ridgecrest for 30 days and ran the Recovery Center. I didn’t have to work the weekends just 14 hour a days, 5 days a week. So I can’t watch the news or read anything COVID related when I’m home with my kids if I did my mental health would suffer past regular depression. To stay positive I think of all the people I’ve helped, I have fun with my kids and feel gratitude that I still have a job to go to daily. I haven’t had the chance to exercise but that’s changing starting today. I’m looking forward to getting up earlier to work out before going into work. If I keep up this current schedule with no exercise it will be awhile before I can take on clients, I’ll have to get myself in shape first! Share how COVID has changed you daily life in the comments. I've also posted a few pictures of my work during the incident to give you a glimpse of what takes place.

Remember this too shall pass.

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