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Mom Makeup: I spanked my face! Because beating it just didn’t happen!

Updated: Apr 28

“If I didn’t love me, I wouldn’t be so confident! I’m confident because I love myself!”

So I’ve gone back and forth with myself on doing a beat my face challenge! I haven’t worn foundation/face makeup in years because I’m just too lazy to do it and I basically don’t know how to apply makeup that well! I’ve matched you tube videos on makeup tutorials 100’s of times but never got around to trying it out until now! I was at Walgreens to pick a prescription so I said, “Why not, buy some makeup and give my face a beating! Well I didn’t look like the girls in the You Tube videos so I’m going to chop this up as a beating instead of a spanking! Watch the video, tell me what you think and be nice it was my first try! Everyone loves when you’re NICCE! LOL check out the video on the videos tag here on the blog or IGTV!

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