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It’s Not as Easy as Using a Remote! Yes it is!

You only live once, but if you do it right,once is enough. - Mae West

It’s Not as Easy as Using a Remote! instagram user @ctrl.alt.release

So I posted the image pictured and this is the comment @ctrl.alt.released left under my post. And that is the problem, most people think that changing their life is hard...that they can’t accomplish their dreams because of something standing in the way. But the hard part isn’t changing your life it’s the courage to start. And having the mindset that you don’t have to do it all at once. You can take baby steps! If your dream is to own say a used car lot it might sound impossible because your thinking about buying or renting a location for the lot, buying 20-30 cars at an auction, paying to incorporate your business and fees/license to sell cars. It all sound overwhelming...it’s not as easy has using a remote...but you know what it is that easy! You start with 1 step! So maybe you pay to get your corporation started first or maybe you start buying one car at auction then seeing if you can flip it! Now this is just an example and I’m probably missing a few steps in the process of starting a used car lot but you get the point.

When I started my consulting business I didn’t know where to start and I’m still not sure if where I decided to start is the right decision...but I started. I took a year to outline everything that I wanted to accomplish, everything that I’ve done to make others money, to make the government money. Watching paperwork come across my desk of people that were doing what I wanted to do, that I spent thousands on an education to do and making more money doing it! I’d had enough! I not only knew how to do it, I knew all of the government requirements needed to get companies approved the first time since I’m on the other side of the desk! So having the courage to put myself out there, the fear of not getting any clients, the fear of spending money & not getting it back...it was paralyzing. I still have these fears but I don’t give in to them. Because you know what’s worse living with the “what if” for the rest of my life. Always wondering if I could have really done it. And you know what, that feeling was worse. I wanted to be a role model to my daughters, I wanted to at least if anything say I had the courage to do it and did it. I wanted my daughters to see that sometimes to get what you want, to accomplish your dreams you will have to take risk. Finding the courage to execute what you want in life that’s hard but once you make the decision to do it...It’s as easy as using a remote! Just get over your fears of starting! Be. Obsessed. With. Your. Life!

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