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Here's to Your Health!

“Preserving the health by too strict a regimen is a wearisome malady.” – Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld

Just a little fitness advice for you to have fun with!

Commit to Starting every single day fresh. NO- wait, every single meal. You eat too much at breakfast. Doesn't mean go all out for lunch and dinner too.

Once a week commit to walking up 1 flight of stairs. If you work on the 10th floor ride the elevator to the 9th floor and walk up to the 10th. Do that for a 2 weeks. Then add a flight each week there after.

Once a week take a 15 minute break and walk around your work building or neighborhood. Keep adding a day at your own pace until you’re walking 15 minutes every day.

When you’re grocery shopping on the weekends walk down every aisle in the store & go to every department before putting anything in your basket. Browse awhile! When you’re done then start shopping.

When you catch yourself sitting on the sofa watching your favorite show knowing you haven’t fit being fit in your schedule, stand up and do squats, arms lifts, leg lifts, butt kicks, jumping jacks, plank, and sit-ups during each commercial break. If you have a stationary bike, ride the bike during each commercial break. If you have a treadmill, walk or run during each commercial break. On average you will have 10-15 minutes of exercise for each episode you watch.

When you first start on your fitness journey don’t make any plans with friends or family to eat out. You need to stick to your diet consistently for 30 days before you venture off to the maintaining stage.

When you get to a point of discipline, don’t worry so much when you fall of the wagon. If you have a dinner date, or lunch meeting its ok to order something you like that might not meet your diet standards. Just don’t overdo it! Just pick up where you left off the following day. Give yourself 2-3 days a month to eat in peace!

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