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Day Trippin': Bird Box

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Monrovia CA: "In a world where you can't open your eyes, isn't a blindfold all you can hope for?"

So I won’t ruin it for those you haven’t seen it but by now I believe most have. After seeing thousands of memes on social media about this film we had to watch it and after watching it we had to experience it in real life!

“ A malevolent presence lurks outside. If they look at it, they’ll die.” Netflix trailer 2

This movie is a sci-fi thriller, horror movie and love story all in one! I’m a science fiction geek to the 10th power so I thought it was awesome sauce! Like any good mother and great detective I found the longitude and latitude coordinates through google put it in my GPS and like magic we were at the house where everything went down! We put on our blind folds and went with it! If you’d like to experience Bird Box in person here is the link to the coordinates:https://globalfilmlocations.net/2018/12/23/bird-box-2018-film-locations/ The homeowners are troopers because there were about 4-5 other people taking pictures outside of their home and they didn’t run us off like field mice! Check out our other experiences day trippin’ being a tourist in our own backyard! #daytrippin' #singlemomlife #localtravel


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