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I'm a single mother of two. I've always been passionate about being a mother, fashion, beauty, travel, fitness & wellness (on a budget)!


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Introducing...1st Lady NICCE

1. FAMILY, I'm a super NICCE single mommy and yes you will see my ex-husband in family photos & videos but this was no easy road from divorce to successfully co-parenting. But in my "Rants & Raves" (more to come on that) I'll explain how I got to this place and hopefully it will help you too!

2. WORK, I'm a full time mommy, Emergency Planning Manager for the government (it's a fitting career choice since all moms are emergency planners at home anyway LOL) and I'm the 1st Lady of the NICCE Empire which includes this blog, my fitness business, consulting company & online boutiques!

3. KIDS, I have 3! Two girls and 1 puppy! Both my girls are straight A students. Excelling not only in academics but their after school activities as well. My oldest attends a boarding school & my youngest is a performer with plans to attend a performing arts boarding school (more to come on this topic & how I can afford all of this as a single 

mommy on a modest salary).

4. ME, I do have a life outside of all this! I know, very hard to believe but I can show you how to fit everything you want to do in your life with proper planning & organization! Hey I'm an Emergency Planner it's what I do! I served 6 years in U.S Air Force; I love fitness, beauty, fashion, travel & queen (me) time! And I'm going to discuss all of this in my blog with hopes of helping other single mothers live the life they want as well. As I like to say, “I’m a single mom with all the time in the world! (Ha-ha!)” Come with me on my journey NICCE mommies it's going to be fun!