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"We Delight In The Beauty Of The Butterfly, But Rarely Admit The Changes It Has Gone Through To Achieve That Beauty”. – Maya Angelou

TRAVEL, FITNESS ,GLAM AND THE DYNASTY! Thank you for taking time out of your day to check out my page. My goal is to provide you with personal service, travel service & personal trainer services and make it apart of your lifestyle! Because your world is everything. 



“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only – and that is to support the ultimate career.” –CS Lewis

I’m Klasha – a US Air Force Vet turned Emergency Manager & MOMpreneur. I have two amazing daughters  who are my absolute best friends. 

I decided to start my company as a creative outlet to share all of my passions – I have many! At the top of the list is being a mom – I truly love absolutely everything about my job as a mother!!  I want a lot of stories. I want to try a lot of different things. My own little world full of creativity, strength and compassion. A mom that my children don't feel is in the way but a mom they can reach out to and confide in always.


"You are a walking testament of your own diet. Keep a diet that you are proud of, so you can have a body that you are proud of." -Unknown

My only goal when it comes to health and wellness is to do the best I can everyday with the awareness I have.  I think it’s very easy to know what you should do to allow your body to function at its most optimum, but it’s another thing to actually live it and breathe it.  It’s not one factor in particular that I worry about, for me I’m more concerned with maintaining and sustaining a healthy lifestyle. I live with the fundamental idea that food is fuel, meant to nourish, energize, and repair the body and it’s also meant to be enjoyed. So for me it’s simple, eat the foods my body needs to function at its optimum, enjoy treats on occasion and my body will be good to me in return. I look forward to sharing my favorite recipes and exercise routines, which work for my busy lifestyle both on the road and at home.


The Mom Lifestyle is all about balancing life and work. What is Day Trippin’? It’s taking a trip in your own backyard, becoming a tourist in your own city. I live in Southern California so there are so many places to explore right here at home! I’m also a travel agent and invite you to follow along with me as I take you to amazing places around the world to experience food, culture, fashion and so much more!

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Meet Klasha