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I'm a single mother of two. I've always been passionate about being a mother, fashion, beauty, travel, fitness & wellness (on a budget)!


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About This Blog

I’ve been a married mom and a single mom. I’m an entrepreneur, I have a full-time career and I’m busy raising 2 kids and a dig! I know how difficult it is to mask sleep deprivation, be multiple places at once, and emotionally provide for people that need you to be present for them constantly. I hope with great love and respect that EverythingNICCE (pronounced Everything Nice) becomes a place for other busy moms and women in general to lose themselves in the gift of discovering and celebrating what makes them unique and beautiful.


Hi N.I.C.C.E (Nurturing, Intuition, Creating, Conveying, Encouraging) Moms! My name is Klasha or Shay for short aka 1st lady NICCE and I am the Founder of EverythingNICCE. Some people ask me why I started Everything NICCE, to answer that, here’s a little bit about myself – I love life! I enjoy doing many things! And it was hard finding a blog that touched on my favorite things all in one place! If I wanted to read about fashion, fitness, travel, kids, career etc. I had to read 5 different blogs on each subject! I couldn’t find one blog that touched on a number of different subjects on one page… I thought to myself I can’t be the only weirdo in the world that wants this! Maybe I am but if not I started this blog for women exploring all stages of life! So if you’re a married mom, single mom, engaged mom, dog mom, career mom, fashion mom, stay @ home mom, soccer mom, fitness mom, travel mom, etc. or maybe you’re more than one like me there’s something for you here! Remember that phrase stay in your lane? Well as moms we have many lanes and we may drive more than one at the same time.  I’m a professional emergency planner I can do it all and show you how too!